About Kay Rees-Davies

Although I could draw in school and did quite well in art exams, it wasn't until 1988, when I went to Penrhyn Castle (a National Trust property near Bangor in North Wales) and saw an exhibition of botanical art there that I realised that it was the form of art I would like to study. Margaret Stevens, the artist, had just moved to North Wales and I met her at this her first exhibition in North Wales, a meeting which was to change my life.

After Margaret saw and approved of some of my work I attended her classes and I eventually found that this was the type of art which enthralled me. I had attended several other art classes but could not use the methods the teachers suggested with any great skill. Botanical art was exactly the type of painting that I loved - detailed and precise and full of colour.

I worked with Margaret until the time arrived when she felt I could spread my wings and enter some paintings for the medal system of the Royal Horticultural Society. This was the start of a new career. The painting took over and after gaining several medals the opportunity arose for me to start teaching botanical art myself.

If you would like to contact me you can email me at kayrd@outlook.com or
telephone me on 01248 680 341